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Diversity Readiness Checks

What is the level of diversity in your company? It is always advisable to carry out a situation analysis before starting to explore concrete options for action and strategies. We have compiled a series of different diversity Readiness Checks with different focuses for you. These give you an initial indication of the fields of action in your company.

Questionnaire to capture diversity in administrations at individual, formal and interactional levels.

Prospektiv - Gessellschaft für betriebliche Zukunftsgestaltung bmH

SoViel Vielfaltsmonitor

The New Quality of Work initiative provides a variety of tests & questionnaires on different topics.

Initiative neue Qualität der Arbeit



The check "Migrant-managed companies" focuses on the topics of strategy, cooperation and personnel.

INQA - Projekt SEAMS



The check determines where your company stands in terms of health, performance and digital change 4.0.

​Deutsches Netzwerk Büro e.V.

Check gute Büroarbeit

The Vielfalts Check is a short test that measures your situation in terms of diversity and anti-discrimination.

DeutschPlus e.V.

Vielfalts-Check Online

With this index you can determine how well you are coping with the work.


Work Ability Index (WAI)

Wie wird Diversity in Ihrer Organisations gelebt? Lassen Sie es uns gemeinsam herausfinden.

Further Diversity Tools

A Diversity Readiness Check is a good start, but there are even more opportunities to address the issue of diversity. We have developed diversity tools that focus on the change process to help you get an overview: Where do we stand? What happens when promoting diversity? Who is involved in the change process?

Diversity Journey - DiversifyNow
Diversity Process - DiversifyNow
Diversity Canvas - DiversifyNow
Diversity Personas - DiversifyNow
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