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Diversity Process: The Change

The development towards a more diverse company often means a change in established patterns of thinking and behavior of managers and employees. We have to proceed very cautiously in order not to frighten important stakeholders. Because change also means leaving the familiar and learning new things. To do this, people need a safe environment in which to share their fears and needs, and to finally enter a new state of openness and experimentation.


  • Understanding change for companies and individuals

  • Making the implicit and unspoken visible

  • Selection of the right measures for each phase of change

In Practice:

  • Reading through for your own orientation

  • Self-reflection: Where do I fit in?

  • Share with colleagues* and compare with each other: Where do we fit in? Where does the company as a whole stand?

  • Use in workshops for the derivation of strategies and measures

  • Informing key decision-makers* and colleagues


Wo befinden Sie sich auf Ihrer Diversity-Reise? Lassen Sie es uns gemeinsam herausfinden.

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