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Diversity Personas: Who is in?

Imagine you are sitting in a meeting and suggest that the company should deal more with the issue of diversity. You will get immediate feedback from "great idea" to "sounds nice but..." to "we are diverse enough! You are dealing with different interest groups that need to be considered. For this purpose, we have exemplified some of the parties involved including helpful tips and background information.


  • Understanding of different points of view

  • Management of the different stakeholders

  • Selection of important allies and sponsors

In Practice:

  • Reading through for your own orientation

  • Self-reflection: Where do I fit in?

  • Share with colleagues* and compare with each other: Where do we fit in?

  • Where do important managers and stakeholder stand in this process?

Wo befinden Sie sich auf Ihrer Diversity-Reise? Lassen Sie es uns gemeinsam herausfinden.

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